Purses lack security and are hard to move with in dark and crowded spaces, fanny packs are tricky to pull off and backpacks have no place on the dance floor  —so what is a club-going, mobility-seeking urbanite to do? Find something chic that won’t fall off your arm or whack your dancing partner in the face when you spin. These designs by Amalia Mattaor are aesthetically a bit over the top, perhaps, but the idea is ingenious – storage that conforms to your body, wrapping around your arm rather than dangling loosely from it.

These dancing purse designs can be worn on the hip as belt purses or snugly on the shoulder. Soft leathers make them comfortable to wear right on one’s skin, while flaps with fasteners mix accessibility with personal-item safety (and inward-oriented mini-pockets add further protection for small valuables). They’re a high fashion fanny pack option for people who’d rather die than wear a dorky ’80s version with their designer outfits.

While the designers describes these ‘Dancing Bags’ as a collection of ergonomic and practical accessories, they may be a bit too contemporary and glamorous for some tastes – it would be nice to see some toned-down versions (sans jewelry, studs or extraneous chains, for example) with a greater focus on functionality … and less emphasis on appealing to the fashion world.

“Amalia Mattaör has created a collection of evening bags, which artistically combine leather products and jewellery. These evening bags named “The Dancing Bags” are extremely aesthetic and precious all at the same time. Materials are noble and refined, design is practical and ergonomic. These luxurious accessories fuse with the woman body as an extension of oneself. Evening bags become fiercely contemporary and fatally glamorous.”

“The Dancing Bags’ ergonomy allows them to be worn directly on the skin like real jewels. These rare, elegant, sophisticated accessories are meticulously fashioned to be different. The Italian fabrication was elaborated to guarantee eco-friendly luxury. Most of the skins and leathers used in this collection come from edible fishes, such as salmon or eel, and are also extremely soft and comfortable when they are worn directly on the skin.”