recycled wood furniture design

Nearly 2 million Christmas trees are discarded each holiday season in London, but one designer has tapped into this waiting source of pine wood to construct a creative natural series of unique benches, tables, stools and storage furniture designs.

recycled raw lumber furniture

Their creator, Fabien Cappello, claims that the driving force behind these designs, however, is not sustainability – it is the abundance of a local easy-to-use material. With so much wood available he determined that he could employ extremely simple tools to craft the trunks into tops, branches into legs and pine needles into surfaces.

recycled scrap wood tables

The concept for these furniture designs was in part inspired by the antique tradition of lashing available logs together to form rafts that would float for months at a time, becoming their own subcultural communities on the water during times when lumber was plentiful. Likewise, with Christmas pine trees simply sitting by the side of the road after the holiday season, there is an opportunity to take what is around and free to craft something creative and new.