Contemporary yes, modern sure, sustainable indeed, but above all these metal furniture designs are just plain cool. Designers often say that limitations can be liberating, and this is a wonderful example of that principle in action – by working largely within the realm of steel, aluminum and rubber bike handlebars, frames, rims and wheels, Andy Gregg has created a unique variety of recycled furniture rare even in more the most conventional materials.

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Vector Lounge Chair bike furniture

Works like the dizzyingly dynamic Vector Chair shown above show how much design potential exists in just a few key parts – the looping rims seem to float in space, old spokes splay out thin and elegant from the center, reused rubber wheels provide arm padding and a few accent cushions complete the piece.

metal furniture bike bar
metal furniture bike table

While he uses bicycle parts at the core of every piece – creating visual connections between stools, chairs, tables and more – the designs naturally have to use other pieces and parts in some cases. When this is the case, however, similar strategies and used transportation industry materials are employed to make each artifact as cohesive as possible such as seat-belt webbing and automobile windows.

Bench made with bicycle wheels.

Influenced by classic Modernism (and clearly informed by Minimalist tendencies), these wonderful works of artistic furniture clearly also carve their own niche – not only through their use of transportation materials but also by their unique emphasis on circular movement, a kind of contextual byproduct of the process. Andy himself was (perhaps unsurprisingly) inspired by his own years spent on bikes and in bike shops. For more about him and his amazing work check out his site at Bike Furniture.

Andy Gregg Bike Furniture

More about Andy Gregg

“Working within the vernacular of classic modern furniture design, BFD founder Andy Gregg has continued to refine this comfortable and durable furniture since 1990. Since the original Bike Chair, Bike Furniture Designs have grown to include a wide-ranging collection of high-quality tables, bar stools, benches, and more chairs. Some designs, in addition to utilizing the bicycle, also utilize components from other transportation industries. These designs use train and automobile windows for tabletops, and surplus automotive seat-belt webbing for seating upholstery.”