Typical clothing packaging is minimal, but annoying. If you get underwear in a box or a shirt wrapped in plastic, the best you can do is recycle the packaging – and those awful plastic hangers that sometimes get sent home with a clothing purchase are just obnoxious. Designer Asli Ozcivelek fixes this problem with packaging called Transforma.



The recycled paper pulp package comes with an integrated hinge/hanger. When the clothing (in the example, it is a T-shirt) is in the store, the molded paper package is held closed and hung up by the hanger.



The package includes a window through which the customer can see the color and touch the fabric of the garment. When you get the garment home, the hook unlatches to let you open the box and take the item out. If you choose, you can simply recycle the paper pulp package at this point.



However, if you’d like to use the packaging to its full potential, the sides of the box fold up to form the arms of a hanger, while the hook is repositioned to the top to hold the hanger up. As great an idea as we think this is, we have to wonder: since the part that’s supposed to hang on the rod in your closet is a loop, how exactly would this hanger hold anything in your closet?