Not your normal outdoor porch or patio furniture, these grunge-style stools are made of skateboard decks – the kind you ride on, not the type you typically sit on. The DeckStool designers recycle old board materials into reclaimed wood-and-metal seats for urban-style lofts (so you can, if you managed to clear up the confusion, stack these decks on the other kind of deck).

Since skateboards are already designed to take a great deal of wear and tear, support significant loads and weather the world both inside and outdoors, they are a natural choice for reusing as interior or exterior furniture objects. They also come pre-decorated with artful illustrations, creative murals and unique patterns that work just as well in their second lives as in their first – for those whose tastes align with alternative art and culture anyway.

It started with one skateboarding brother asking his furniture-designing sibling to take his old decks and turn them into furniture designs – and the rest was history. Now, DeckStool collects and cuts these worn and broken boards and uses repurposed metal hardware to join them back together in original ways. More than just recycled materials are in play here: many of these creations contain the last surface designs of their kind, preserved now in new forms.