Reclining Laptop Desk 1

Has using laptops instead of desktop computers made us lazier, so we can’t even sit up straight while we’re working? It’s definitely true that many of us, given a choice, would choose to work in a recliner instead of at a conventional desk. ‘The Desk’ by Minna Magnusson accommodates this trend in a practical way while also making a comment on it.

Reclining Laptop Desk 2

The desk features a gently angled top that’s meant for lounging rather than using as a work surface for your computer. Unlike a regular recliner, it’s got storage underneath in the form of shelves and drawers.

Reclining Laptop Desk 3

This unusual design not only reflects how changing technology has altered the way we work and even the way we sit, but also diminishes a bit of the power structure that the image of a person working at a desk can convey. Says the designer, “What responsibility does a designer have, when creating objects that are inevitably placed within power structures such as race, gender and class?”

Recliner Laptop Desk 4

“Spaces and objects carry history; descended directions that generate patterns, layers of inclusions and exclusions. Bodies in and around those ‘trail behind;’ perform alike, execute habitual acts. THE DESK carries out an action of resistance to these habituations; against the direction in which bodies have trailed behind, in opposition to the desk as a place for the ‘thinking, white man.'”