futuristic suburban redesign

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Unlike a poorly designed product, there is no way to issue a simple recall on the failures associated with the incredible suburban sprawl of recent decades. The dust has, however, settled on on the sustainable design proposals submitted to the Reburbia competition, the winners have been announced, and a series of awe-inspiring ideas for reclaiming and remaking American suburbs have emerged – from finalists and runners-up alike.

reburbia futuristic suburban designs

Some projects focused on larger-scale suburban issues while others honed in on specific problems and areas of interest. The more bizarre and offbeat ideas include the incredible suburban airships of Tsolakis+Shamma as well as the fantastic (if insanely far-fetched) interstate highways-turned-farms conceived by designer Daniel Phillips .

reburbia various projects

Additional entries suggested highway-overpass wind-power turbines, street median-to-green-space conversions, giant modular housing towers and more. The question is not so much whether or not these ideas will play a role in the future of suburban (re)design, but which of them will be the ‘real-life’ winners.