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Subscribing to magazines may keep you up on the latest fashions or industry news, but what do you do with all of those periodicals once you are done reading them and they start piling up? They often occupy dusty shelves for years and years, though sometimes they make their way out to the recycling bin before they become a troublesome mess.

The Hockenheimer stool from NJU Studio makes great use of all of the old magazines hanging around and cluttering up your home. At first, the seat consists of a wood base, leather straps and a soft cushion. But as you live with it over time, you stack your used magazines between the seat and the cushion, effectively making the seat grow taller with each new addition.

While this solution won’t exactly help keep your home free of magazine clutter, it offers a clever way to display those magazines while making use of them in a novel way. One could conceivably store other objects like old phone books, text books that college bookstores won’t buy back, and even extra pillows. As long as the leather straps fit around the objects, the possibilities are almost limitless.