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We all have high hopes when we buy a new sleek desk designed to make us more organized. The reality, however, is that most of us will just make a mess of it one way another. What if instead of trying to fight it we simply embraced that side of ourselves that refuses to keep a neat and tidy workspace?


This clever (if awkward) desk is designed with the inevitable mess in mind, with nooks and crannies for all kinds of odds and ends to be stored in creative ways.


The storage spaces in this offbeat desk design are left open to the world and lend themselves to more casual forms of filing and haphazard placement of whatever work implements you might be using.


Perhaps the best part of this postmodern design is the off-balance look of it, as if it simply grew and expanded to accomodate your needs in every direction possible. Also, it seems to look its very based when laden with mess.