all the fruits cut and paste wallpaper

Choosing new wallpaper is a huge decision, one that will affect your home’s appearance for years to come. If you find yourself biting your nails over finding the perfect wallpaper, All The Fruits has you – or your walls, anyway – covered. Their Cut & Paste collection is perfect for indecisive decorators.

cut and paste wallpaper all the fruits

pink and blue cut and paste wallpaper

The wallpaper line features a series of non-repeating patterns with various shapes and colors. They all go well together, but they aren’t predictable or arranged in a traditional manner. The two collections, Pink and Blue, each have their own patchwork parts that fit together into strangely pleasing strips of colors.

how cut and paste wallpaper is hung

The diagram above shows how a roll of Cut & Paste wallpaper is put up on a wall. Because the patterns are non-repeating, there is no need to line up patterns from one strip to the next. You just hang the strips up side by side and the complementary patterns make for a crazily awesome patchwork effect on your wall.

blue collection all the fruits wallpaper

pink collection all the fruits wallpaper

The semi-random colorful patterns might drive some people crazy, but if you’re interested in a completely unique wall covering, the Cut & Paste collection is a cute and fun way to personalize your home’s interior.