Kelly Deck Designs have carefully crafted a variety of integrated rooftop deck designs that make many an interior living room look somewhat shabby by comparison. The Great Escape concept shown here has a mixture of prefab elements and features such as a fireplace, kitchen and bathroom most of us can only dream of putting up on top of a roof.
Realistically, many of us do not have the space (or money) to accommodate something so detailed and full of features as this exterior deck design but it at least serves as an inspirational reminder that what you put outside of your house can be as complex and compelling as what you put inside it – if circumstances allow for such things.
Not to pour too much rain on the parade, but of course these kinds of exterior designs will only work well at certain times of the year and in certain climates. Still, one could easily imagine being able to store textiles during harsher seasons and closing off the more room-like semi-interior prefab spaces when they are not in use.

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