Tongue in Cheek Furniture 1

Staring at this roomful of YOY furniture feels a bit like stepping into a surreal film: nothing functions exactly as it seems like it should, given its usual purpose and the laws of physics. That doesn’t mean this furniture series is any less useful than it ought to be. It’s just delightfully weird.

Tongue in Cheek Furniture 2

Tongue in Cheek Furniture 3

Tongue in Cheek Furniture 4

Tongue in Cheek Furniture 5

What looks like an ordinary shag throw rug, for example, can be curled up to function as a seat. A hidden 10mm layer of aluminum under the soft surface gives the rug its unexpectedly flexible, weight-supporting form. Another quirky design is an LED lamp that projects its own shade onto the wall.

Tongue in Cheek Furniture 6

Tongue in Cheek Furniture 7

A wooden tray balances precariously on the edge of a table – but how is it supporting the weight of that coffee cup? The answer is a clip underneath that can be used at any angle to add space to an existing surface. A fourth design is a series of drawer-shaped accessory cases that extend from the wall at varying depths to make it look like they’re actually built into the surface.