This year has been a little, well, weird — rife with social distancing, toilet paper shortages, zoom calls, and face masks. Now the holidays are here, and things are barely closer to being back to normal. Why not make the most of the moment by adding a bit of quirkiness to your usual decorations?

We’ve scoured the internet to find the zaniest, best ways to lighten up your 2020 quarantine Christmas:

Discoball Tree

Festive DIY Discoball Tree

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Who couldn’t use a party this year, right? Get the groove flowing with this DIY discoball tree. From across the room, it appears to be a collection of normal ornament balls. Then you move up close and see those reflecting light rays calling you out to do the hustle.

Dress-Up Animal Ornaments

Fun dress-up animal ornaments from West Elm.

A bottle brush pug disguised in bunny ears? Yes, please. Even better, from now through December 30th, 2020, West Elm will donate 50 percent of the purchase price directly to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Award-Winning Tree

This holiday season, showcase your life's many accomplishments with a colorful award-themed tree.

2020 is definitely a record-breaking year. Maybe you could commemorate all the firsts (and hopefully lasts) of this pandemic with a garland of award ribbons on your Christmas tree. You could even dig up and use all your old sports and school ribbons to remind you of happier days!

Santa Cam Ornament

Hang this Santa Cam Ornament from your tree to catch the jolly old man in the act this Christmas!

In case you haven’t had enough of computer cameras over the past 10 months, this deceptive ornament from Etsy might be even better at scaring your kids into good behavior than an Elf-on-the-Shelf.

Window View Christmas Card

Adorable holiday greeting cards made from recycled materials.

Some of your friends and family may truly have forgotten what your kids look like after this year of sheltering-in-place. This holiday greeting card from PaperCulture on recycled materials will bring a smile (and perhaps a chuckle) to your loved ones this season. Something else to make you grin: the environmentally conscious company plants a tree with every order.

Capri Blue Stacking Snowman Candles

Capri Blue Stacking Snowman Candles from Anthropologie

Capri Blue Stacking Snowman Candles from Anthropologie

Even if there’s no snow on the ground, you can still build a snowman inside with these stackable candles from Anthropologie. The bottom two balls are filled with Volcano-scented wax while the lidded top tier is left empty to hold your matches.

Butter Ornament

Kitschy Butter Ornament from Food52

Was there more baking going on at your house this year? It certainly helped more than a few of us put on the “Quarantine 15.” Commemorate all the homemade sweets that got you through with a stick of butter hung among your tinsel and lights. The ornament collection from Food52 also includes a slab of bacon, a black and white cookie, and a bottle of beer, among other delights for every appetite.

Wooden Dowel Christmas Tree

Wooden Dowel Christmas Tree from Etsy

Don’t want to venture outside to buy a tree this year? How about this festive fir on Etsy made from wooden dowels? It may be unexpected, but it makes ornament-hanging easy and helps you avoid the subsequent pine needle mess on the floor.

Fanciful Bottle Brush Trees

DIY Bottle Brush Christmas Trees

Giving some extra color to a traditional bottle brush tree could up your cheer factor. This tutorial will teach you how to bleach the originals and swap in your favorite vibrant hues.

Feathered Garland

Brightly-colored, feathered holiday garland

This statement-making garland brings in some whimsy with bright green and red feathers attached to an old-school pine bough to help your holiday dreams take flight this season.

Washi Tape Christmas Trees

Washi Tape Christmas Trees

This inexpensive wall decor is a fresh and contemporary take on the old Tannenbaum. With a string of lights, it becomes playful eye-candy at night as well.

Holiday Gnomes

These Scandinavian-style holiday gnomes bring in the hygge with their soft, wool hats and flowing beards.

These funny Scandinavian-style gnomes bring in the hygge with their soft, wool hats and flowing beards. Tradition has it that they’re the bearers of gifts and good fortune, and who couldn’t use a little more of that this year?

Toilet Paper Christmas Wreath

What quarantine Christmas decor would be complete without this crafty toilet paper wreath?

Last but not least, nothing says 2020 better than a holiday wreath made of — what else? — toilet paper rolls. Attach a few glittering jingle bells and you’ve got a door that will brighten the day of any passersby. Make it yourself here with these step-by-step instructions.

While we all wish we could have a little more company this Christmas, hopefully we can still manage to bring in some comedy and coziness with this imaginative, festive decor.