object o isolation lamp chair

There is always something special about sneaking off to a hidden place. Whether yours is in a small, quiet room, a cozy chair in the corner, or just your dark bedroom at night, everyone needs a place where they can feel safe and enjoy being alone. Object O from designer Seung Yong Song could be that quiet, private hiding place.

object o chair covered with lampshade

The unique object is a chair with a lamp and shade attached. But the unusual aspect of the lamp is that the shade is enormous – large enough to cover not only the light inside, but the person sitting in the chair as well. The bulbous shade is made of paper just like traditional Korean lampshades, but it brings to mind those large hair dryers at hair salons.

lampshade hiding chair

When you want to green the world, you can leave the shade rolled up. But when you need to be alone with your thoughts, the shade comes down to cover your entire head and much of your upper body. The designer says that this feeling of voluntary isolation in a small hiding spot is better than running through the halls of the biggest mansion, and we happen to agree.