forest retreat

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Contextual and eclectic, you could almost imagine it as a kind of folk architecture, but there is more to this simple building than meets the eye.

forest slope cabina

For one, despite its colorful mix of materials, a simple and strong concept stands behind the overtly hodge-podge design by Alex Wyndham: the idea of raising up the existing ground and making it into the roof, in turn intended to nurse native plants.

forest natural cabin design

Set in central California, the building uses reclaimed bark (maybe a bit rough for facades, but it does make for a sustainable cladding system), which further helps the structure look like a part of its natural surroundings.

forest contextual architecture

The structure itself is situated to take advantage of the down-slope view of the ocean, framed by three simple windows, while providing a sense of privacy and enclosure along its other faces.

forest green natural systems

Heating and cooling are entirely passive, neatly built into the fundamentals of the structure and its orientation. Upcycled materials (from reclaimed floorboards to windows) were used wherever possible, making for a green project through and through.