stitched wood 1

Would you ever guess that wood could be sewn on a sewing machine as if it were fabric? ‘Chester,‘ a new material developed by Berlin-based product designers Anastasiya Koshcheeva and Oya-Meryem Yanik, is a surface material made of real wood that’s soft enough to be held together with thread instead of glue, making it more ecologically friendly.

stitched wood 2

stitched wood 3

Flexible layers of wood are stitched to create a sort of quilted surface, which not only revolutionizes the ways in which molded wood products can be assembled, but also gives what would normally be a hard surface a bit of cushion.

stitched wood 6

stitched wood 7

The material can be used alone or added to plywood for a decorative and functional finish. “Thus Chester reveals new possibilities for the traditional bentwood product and makes hard seats hum,” say the designers.

stitched wood 4

stitched wood 5

This isn’t the first time wood has been transformed into what seems like a different material altogether. ‘Translucent wood’ is a high-tech hybrid material of wood slats and vertical light-transmitting strips that make seemingly solid walls see-through.