Designer Bernard Vuarnesson designed a series of tables for Resource Furniture that look and act like movable children’s puzzles. The Hexa tables are available in a variety of finishes and sizes for different uses; a low coffee table is the perfect place to play or have a casual meal, and the dining table is great for having a cozy meal.

Each panel on the table is adjustable and can slide out or in to change the table’s size depending on your needs at the time. The panels are either wood finish or brightly colored laminate so they can also smartly complement your home.

The sliding panels on the table can also be flipped over to create trays that will hold your kid’s toys or your own office tools or eating utensils.

The highly customizable nature of the Hexa tables lets you use them in just about any setting and in any decor scheme. And when you get tired of the way the table looks, it easily transforms into a different configuration.

Although some iterations of the Hexa table resemble children’s puzzles, other models are quite sophisticated. They can be extended for when you have company and folded in when you need to maximize the space in your room. Each table is custom made with six solid wooden panels.