Push mini bowls

A series of flat metal plates in stainless steel, brass and copper transform into three-dimensional bowls with just a little bit of manual manipulation. PUSH bowls by Berlin-based architecture and design firm The Fundamental Group come as individual pieces or attached trios and can be easily pushed into shape, creating a shallow or deep recess to hold items like jewelry, keys or food.

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Push bowl press

The plates have been cut with a geometric pattern of micro-incisions that make them malleable. The designers wanted to create something that fuses the craftsmanship of handmade items with high-tech precision. The incisions mean the bowls can’t hold liquid, but they’re still useful for a range of other purposes.

Push Bowl Brass

Create tiny individual indentations for small objects, mold the whole thing into a vessel, or maybe just play with them for stress relief, like a beautifully designed, reusable version of bubble wrap.

Make a bowl out of a disk. PUSH is delivered as a flat metal plate that you can give a unique shape with your fingers. By gently applying pressure, you can create a little vessel to store valuables like chains and rings, or bits and pieces like keys and make-up.”

Push bowl detail

“PUSH is a combination of mathematical geometries and the best craftsmanship, available in three different metals. It is available in a large 24 cm diameter (PUSH) a medium size 15 cm diameter (PUSH SOLO), a bubble shape (PUSH TRIO) and a set of three small round bowls, one in each color (PUSH MINI).”

Push Solo Brass

“Furniture and Homewares inspired by the Mathematics of Nature. What does that mean? It means we look at patterns and forms that occur in the natural world; we adapt and play with them as a starting point for all of our designs. Those patterns and principles breathe through our products, bringing them to life, revealing themselves slowly.”

“Almost all of what we make relies on the user to give it the final touch, to make it his or her own. We work with natural materials such as European oak, Douglas Fir, pure sheet metals, as well as some surprising new materials and processes.”