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What would happen if you gathered the best and brightest of the architectural world and asked them to build homes not for wealthy clients, but for homeless cats? It turns out that it would create something totally amazing.



Architects for Animals is an initiative dedicated to raising awareness of homeless animals. They host one-night events at which architects display their creative shelters for needy animals. After the events, the shelters are donated to organizations that will put them to good use helping animals.




In September 2014, the “Giving Shelter” benefit for FixNation inspired architects to build some truly inspired cat homes. Some are as playful and unpredictable as cats themselves; others are so stylish that we’re just a bit jealous of the cats who get to inhabit them.




The architects clearly had a great time thinking up and building these animal homes. A few of them resemble traditional cat play houses, but most take some aspect of being a cat – crawling into small spaces or gnawing on grass, for example – and make that into the central theme.

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These outdoor shelters are not only helpful for the cats they will eventually house. They are a wonderful way to show that the architectural community can come together to effect much-needed change for an underserved and forgotten population of animals.