Color is anything but secondary in this bright, modular, tool-free furniture design. Nor is the selection of yellow, red and blue an afterthought – like the object itself, this color choice reflects a return to space-saving, fast-transport, easy-to-assemble basics.

Kayiwa has a knack for making the fewest moves possible to create something cool and contemporary (if a bit pricey, too). Not a hard act to follow for the DIY-inclined handyman, the construction process simply involves slotting together notched flats into a self-stabilizing, three-dimensional shape (or series of them if set end to end). The finishing touches would prove the tricky part.

The three basic birch plywood sheets are each thickly painted with one of the core essential colors, leaving a glossy reflective finish that starts to add complexity and visual dynamism via the semi-mirrored surfaces. As the pictures show, clear seats and white surroundings could really make the table pop in context. While the bold design might not suit every style or context, it is refreshingly subtractive and simple in a world that too often favors the additive and complex.