MYK pompom chair

Something about these brightly-colored poof balls is deliciously simple and richly complex all at the same time – they look spontaneous and accidental versus a more typical well-planned design.

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MYK pompom stool

MYK Berlin tapped into some childhood impulse to create this series of non-standard furnishings, and staged them well with little leavings all around (which would, in reality, make for even more fun, or at least handy replacement parts).

“The ‘Bommel’ also known as Pompon is crafted entirely by hand. Several hundred wool threads are bundled, rolled, tied, and cut, all of carefully selected high-end quality wool. There are up to 1300 woolen pompons and respectively up to 45 kg of wool forming one single object.”

“This Pompon stool was simply inspired by the combination of bright colors and thus the upholstered seating area was created by using over 100 wool pompons. Each is knotted to a colourful surface, which gives the impression of a small, hilly, woollen landscape. The colors likewise seem to grow into the crocheted side of the seating by a hand embroidery.”

MYK felt pompom stool detial

“These customized objects of chairs and stools are based on vintage furniture, which the Designer searches for or the customer brings it to MYK. All are  refurbished in detail by a Berlin based carpenter and  as well as the steel or metal fabrics are carefully worked up by a metal varnisher. Working also with a upholsterer to get the base ready for the pompon, MYK then uses up to 350 Pompons for a  chair, depending on size and construction.”

MYK pompom rug

“This multicolored Pompon Isle is an ocean of woolen balls extended to a diameter of 160cm. Comparable to a gentle hilly landscape with 750 pompons performing like a mesmerizing play of colors. A height up to 13cm and all other cozy features immediately invite you to lay down and relax. The total weight of nearly 40kg expresses the amount of the spent merino wool to build up this extraordinary, decorative and vibrant carpet. “

MYK pompom snow leopard

And here’s perhaps the coolest, albeit the least colorful creation by MYK: a snow leopard rug. “This is one of MYK’s most exclusive objects.The Pompon Snow Leopard, made of hundreds of  pompons, is an animal-like but animal-friendly living and art object. originated from the idea to create a hunted trophy, which was only struck down by an assembly of wool pompons, extravagant, humorous but decent at the same time. A sea of wool balls in a leopard pattern spreads in the silhouette of a life-sized snow leopard on a felt base.”