Moto Philadelphia Row House glass wall

You often cannot have it both ways: an open plan and spacious condo living area with abundant natural daylight and a private townhouse in a packed city. This new urban townhome design by Moto manages to both with a playful modern flair.

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Moto Philadelphia Row House urban oasis
Moto Philadelphia Row House

Complete with multistory interior spaces and an open-air courtyard, this unique home has everything one could want out of a large condo except perhaps more of a green garden space (simply not possible since it is built the borders of the lot).

Moto Philadelphia Row House bathroom

Exterior translucent glass block surrounded by poured-in-place concrete present an austere impression to the public while interior steel beams and white walls are softened by more colorful decor, tile and brick in key occupied living spaces.

Moto Philadelphia Row House living room

Info from the architects:

“Moto was challenged to create an open courtyard space within a four-story row home in the densely populated Society Hill neighborhood of Philadelphia. The project required the reconfiguration of the standard rowhouse typology to allow light into this internal courtyard of private outdoor space. By carving out an external space in the middle of the home, more natural light was able to penetrate through the interiors. The request for this internal court came after the home was in construction and therefore required Moto to respond to an evolving project. The adjusted design and engineering included the reinforcement of the initial structure to support a 25-foot tall by 11-foot wide insulated, curved glass wall.”

More info about Moto Designshop:

“Rooted in Old City, Philadelphia, Moto Designshop is a progressive Architecture & Interior Design studio challenging the boundaries of contemporary practice with an artistic approach to shaping the built environment. Beginning with a fundamental interest in the culture and context of every project, a rich understanding of construction methodologies, and powerful skills in visualization, Moto creates work that is meaningful, well-crafted, and timeless.”