The humble egg: it is delicious, useful, and apparently endlessly inspiring to architects and designers. Italian architect Paolo Maldotti took his cue from the venerable protein source to design a mobile room that can be outfitted whatever way the owner desires.

The project is called NU-OVO in reference to “uovo,” the Italian word for egg. The structure’s exterior is segmented into eight parts, four of which are immobile and four that slide open and closed to allow an occupant or two in or out.

Inside, the contents are completely up to the owner. A sofa and television, a home office, a library, a bed, an extra closet or even a tiny kitchen – all materials, textiles and functions are left up to the buyer.

Thanks to the weatherproof exterior, these pods can be placed inside or outside to create a mobile personal room that goes exactly where it is needed. With a personal room that does just what you want it to, we can all unlock our own personal bubbles to get away from the world…or shut ourselves away with someone special.