A private oasis of a top-floor bedroom and a master bathroom with a glass wall facing the swimming pool are the two main contrasting features of Wonderwall House, a split-level residence in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Designed by local architecture firm Situation-based Operation, the home is designed as a series of both indoor and outdoor rooms that flow into each other in a meandering path from the front door to the sleeping quarters.

The bathroom off the pool is a potentially controversial element, with its entirely transparent wall of windows removing the expectation of privacy while bathing or using the toilet. The glass doors can be folded back to make the bathroom part of the top-floor pool deck. Architect Narang Othavorn didn’t necessarily have exhibitionism in mind with this feature; he told Dezeen “I just wanted the owner to be able to shower right after swimming.”

Similar folding glass doors open to the bedroom, which is directly off the swimming pool and can only be reached by moving through the entire home, including several outdoor spaces. The swimming pool area is kept private from other rooms with louvered screens.

Wonderwall House features an indoor kitchen and dining room as well as a sheltered outdoor kitchen and open-air living space. Large expanses of exterior brick walls make the home feel maze-like, while a lack of distinct doors and walls between interior rooms blur the distinctions between them.