Libeskind Villa prefab

Prefabrication can carry something of a stigma, being used to mass-produce cheap cookie-cutter structures. One famous architect has a new project, however, that shows another side to this manufacturing method.

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Libeskind Villa shell

The Libeskind Villa comes with a hefty two-million-pound price tag, but all of those compellingly complex angles that fans of  Studio Daniel Libeskind have come to expect from his institutional architecture.

Libeskind Villa minimalist living room

Only thirty lucky (and wealthy) patrons will be able to procure themselves a copy, raising one interesting question: can architecture work like artist prints or ceramics (instead of, say, a single painting or sculpture) and be sold in limited but still plural lots?

Libeskind Villa minimalist kitchen

From the architect: “The Libeskind Villa is a 2 floor (with full basement), 4 bedroom, 5,000-square-foot signature series home that can be constructed anywhere in the world. The Villa creates a new dialogue between contemporary living and a completely new experience of space. Built from premium wood and zinc, this German-made, sculptural living space meets the highest standards of design, craftsmanship and sustainability. In addition to the design standards, it meets compliance with some of the toughest energy-saving standards worldwide.

Libeskind Villa interior

This four bedroom, two-floor home while completed in Germany can be constructed and shipped to almost any location in the world within months and assembled by a team of experts within weeks.

Made of wood from renewable sources, zinc, and aluminum, the 5,000 square foot, German-made structure meets the highest standards of design and craftsmanship and complies with the highest energy-saving standards in the world.

Libeskind Villa

The prefabricated structure is composed of three interlocking ribbons with striking angles, creating an asymmetrical, double height, and dynamic interior.  The Villa fills a niche in the residential market between the one-off custom home and the mass productions; the structure is customizable, made to order and delivered to the site in a fraction of the time of a ground-up construction.  Details include the elaborate metalwork of the balcony off the master bedroom, light wells directing daylight into a sauna and recessed wardrobes.

Available Worldwide.”