push pin doesnt make a hole

Hanging cherished photos and other paper keepsakes can be a drag since you’ll probably have to use a pushpin that puts a hole in the very thing you want to preserve. Pon, designed by Mark Weiser, is a different kind of pushpin that treats your stuff far more gently.

puncture free push pin

pon hole-free pushpin

The clever little pin features a small metal spiral that grips your papers securely. You slide your poster, photo, or whatever else into the little spiral and push the sharp end of the pin into a wall or corkboard.

pon holding a dime

hanging shark

Although small, the Pon is surprisingly strong – strong enough to hold things heavier than paper, which comes in handy when you just have to show off that plastic shark you’re so proud of.

pon push pin

pon pushpins hang things with no holes

You might think that the spiral configuration would smash your keepsakes, but the makers say it won’t crumple or crinkle papers at all. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Pon should be making its way to customers soon.