pretzel chair

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The Battery Park Pretzel Chair designed by Michal Maciej Bartosik is a lightweight, tubular design that’s as functional as it is funky. Named for its twisty design that has no beginning and no end, the minimalist chair is a new take on the lightweight outdoor chair.

reversible pretzel chair

The tubular metal chair has two options for outdoor resting. In the task position, the seat is at about the same height as an office chair. There is a small rubber lumbar support device that makes it more comfortable to complete whatever task you’re working on.

twisty reversible tubular chair

Flipped upside down, the Battery Park Pretzel Chair switches to its relaxation position. The seat is closer to the ground, the back is reclined and the arms rise up like wings around you.

This reversible chair pulls some of its inspiration from the classic cantilever chair. It is a finalist in the Battery Conservancy America’s “Draw Up a Chair” design competition.