Who says you need elaborate faux ornamentation or ostentatious luxury furniture to make an interior design unique and amazing? Not only does a focus on coloring and patterning a space save money but it can make at least as much of a statement as most furniture-centric interior designs.


Inspired by the changing of seasons outside of this apartment, designers Tham and Videgard Hansson create a spatial experience through the shifting of colors – from winter grays and blacks through summer greens and autumn oranges – from one room to the next throughout this vast series of interior spaces.


With little of the traditional interior decoration left from this 1800s apartment space, they were forced to use outside inspiration to fill in what had become a rather dull and plain set of rooms.


Stark white furniture was used through as a way to set it apart from the brightly-colored floors and walls, keeping the design from becoming too busy and emphasizing the distinction between object and context.


While the patterns at any one location might seem playful and random there is a very rigorous overall pattern to the colors used from one space to the next, creating a series of complex spatial sequences that were planned from the outset.