A flurry of sketching, brainstorming and befuddlement followed by the tearing off of a page – a common experience for creatives, but rarely seen at a scale quite like this. If you’ve ever wished your desk was one big note pad, or felt like Post-Its are way too tiny for your liking, here’s an invention just for you.

Whether you messed up your work area with a splotch of ketchup, or just can’t stand your latest designs, this Post-It Note-inspired drawing desk lets you peel back the page and start afresh at any time. It’s so simple, yet so incredibly useful. Its designers envision it as a tool that can help people unleash their inner geniuses, currently too frustrated by an inability to scribble random ideas all over a large surface to be clearly understood.

Soup Studio, an Italian design group, writes: Paper. Pen. Ideas. A lot of ideas. A system able to accommodate them all, in continuation. The simplicity and the instinct of the project make it an immediate support for the thoughts that pass all the time in the mind of a designer. Once finished [with] sheets, simply replace it with a new block to get a new table.”
“John Forbes Nash Jr. wrote on blackboards, walls and mirrors at Princeton University for the joy of his Beautiful Mind’s discoverers. Less joyful of his genius was, without doubt, who had to clean up. How many times at the phone you had nothing to write on and you choosed your desk? How many times, bored at school, you wrote on your desk making teachers an janitors become angry? How many times you hadn’t enough space for the notes? Have you dreamt at least one time in your life to have a block notes with legs, a browsing desk or to hang up the artwork realized during latin class?”