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Wooden treehouses, clubhouses and pillow forts are so last year, and what trendy kid would be caught using a colorful playset or ordinary playground equipment these days? For cool-hunting youngsters, the alternative is clear: build a playhouse that rivals modern (and postmodern) dwellings of size and stature.

All jesting aside, though, these are quite elite little retreats. Pilotis support one such minimalist model, complete with a tike-sized front deck, white walls and curtains and clean modernist lines. Another takes a page from the deconstructivists, odd angles and organic forms throughout.

David Lamolla Kristiansen wanted a comfortable-yet-cool place for his young daughter to play in the backyard, which in turned spawned this series of plans.


Surprisingly self-contained and easy to assemble, these are built to be set up in a matter of minutes (or hours at most) by even a novice at do-it-yourself projects, thus allowing kids to also join in the fun.