Prefabricated homes have come a long way from the boring boxes of days gone by, but this design takes them to the next level with cabins that blow other plans and kits way out of the water.

For the modern nomad, this mobile nature-centric getaway is not only sustainable but surprisingly portable: its (mostly wood and glass) parts can be disassembled and moved with relative easy. It has a small physical footprint, making it an eco-friendly way to leave as little trace behind as possible.

Sitting on a square that is only six feet across in each direction, the Fincube cabin sits solidly on a platform that both affords it better views and keeps it from physically impacting the forest floor below it. It is also constructed to work as well in fall and winter as it does in spring and summer.

A wooden framework lets light in and views out but maximizes interior privacy, particularly at a distance. Being so small, it is also no surprise that all of the home’s active systems and other functions are controlled from a single central keypad.