Fincube sustainable living space

Prefabricated homes have come a long way from the boring boxes of days gone by, but this design takes them to the next level with cabins that blow other plans and kits way out of the water.

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Fincube view of window

For the modern nomad, this mobile nature-centric getaway is not only sustainable but surprisingly portable: its (mostly wood and glass) parts can be disassembled and moved with relative easy. It has a small physical footprint, making it an eco-friendly way to leave as little trace behind as possible.

Fincube exterior
Fincube living room

Sitting on a square that is only six feet across in each direction, the Fincube cabin sits solidly on a platform that both affords it better views and keeps it from physically impacting the forest floor below it. It is also constructed to work as well in fall and winter as it does in spring and summer.

Fincube kitchen
Fincube detail

This modular prefab cabin’s wooden framework lets light in and views out but maximizes interior privacy, particularly at a distance. Being so small, it is also no surprise that all of the home’s active systems and other functions are controlled from a single central keypad.

Fincube bedroom
Fincube house in vineyard

“A Fincube can be turned into a simple mansion making excellent accommodation facilities possible. The Fincube represents a maximum quality of living and a high level of independence – as an exclusive guesthouse situated in your garden or as a proper residence in a holiday destination, as an accommodation facility for the grown-up second generation or simply as an annex to your mansion.”

Fincube office

“Office space -Creativity and mind grow in the right atmosphere. The Fincube’s ambience supports the development of innovative ideas. The basic structure of the Fincube fits perfectly for office purposes or for a conference room. The construction can be established as an individual unit next to an existing office building or a complex. Even the flat roof of a business complex can serve as a location. For freelancers the Fincube offers office space right next to the house in the garden, which provides a spatial separation of work life and private life and therefore contributes to a good work-life-balance.”

Fincube house in snow

“The Fincube is also designed for tourist facilities. The unit is suited for quantitative and qualitative extensions of existing resort hotels or a Fincube village. With a Fincube the guest is offered his «four windows» and independence from traditional hotel structures. Moreover, the aspects of design and architecture are perfectly met, which are crucial factors for today’s sophisticated guests. A special advantage from the entrepreneurial point of view features the temporariness and flexibility of a hotel complex with Fincubes. After a few years of tourist facility use, the specific function of the Fincubes could also be altered. The units could be sold or rented or the plot could be used for other purposes or returned to the nature.”