Brown Corporation Shit Box in use

There is nothing not funny about The Brown Corporation’s portable toilet design – except for the fact that they are entirely serious, and why not? After all, going to the bathroom on the go can be tricky particularly as one ventures farther from civilization. In that light, this loo design is quite ingenious.

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Brown Corporation Shit Box page

The box itself contains replaceable bags so it is, in fact, reusable – but it is still inexpensive enough that were it to be ruined it would not be a significant financial loss. In short: it is a great device to go (car) camping with and not worry too much about. Funny as it was at first, aren’t you starting to take it just a little more seriously as a toilet design now?

Brown Corporation Shit Box branding

From AdWeek:

“The Shit Box has changed the face of cardboard furniture—a face we didn’t know it had until recently. Yes, it’s a lightweight cardboard toilet that folds down for easy portability, and can be used (with biodegradable bags) wherever port-a-potties looks particularly toxic. The marketing strategy for the thing—which really is little more than your typical cardboard box, available in bulk for free at almost any liquor store—seems to consist mostly of crap jokes. You’ve got the name of the product, the name of the manufacturer (The Brown Corporation, “a solid company”), the mascot (a Mr. Hanky-esque turd), and the pun-laded descriptions (“also doubles as a handy stool”). Still, the Shit Box probably does beat the Shit Bucket.”

Brown Corporation Shit Box How It Works

For what it is, the branding is actually pretty good. Completed by designer Martin Isaac, it’s simple, straightforward, full of relevant info and pulls no punches about what is being presented. It is, fittingly enough, centered upon brown cardboard boxes and brown ink in the exact shade you’d imagine. It’s a perfect fit for the product itself, which is, by the way, extremely useful.