popcorn monsoon 1

Taking inspiration from the Willy Wonka quote “Come with me, and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination,” designer Jolene Carlier sketched out a series of fantasy objects, focusing on color and shape. The retro-looking drawings depict strange objects of indeterminate functions, seeming like they could do any number of things. From one of those drawings ultimately came a real-life appliance with an actual purpose: the popcorn monsoon.

popcorn monsoon 2

popcorn monsoon 3

The machine sends popped corn flinging through a transparent cylindrical chute, putting it on display as the hot air turns it inside-out before it lands in a butter-yellow vessel.

popcorn monsoon 4

“Starting with shape and color make a design process playful, later on a surprising yet suitable function can be found. As an example of this process, one drawing was translated into a popcorn machine,” says Carlier. “Like any other functional product it had to be conceptualized and constructively thought through.”

popcorn monsoon drawing

popcorn monsoon 5

“Most popcorn machines are very dull though the simple process of making popcorn is exciting. That’s what this machine enlarges, its an experience for both children and adults. The drawings form a foundation for future designs.”