Whether you live in a tiny studio apartment or just can’t seem to find a free table when you need one at your favorite coffee shop, a comfortable and versatile desk that instantly pops up from a flat, compact, portable rectangle can definitely come in handy. The Edge is an all-in-one desk solution that sets up anywhere quickly, focuses your posture, adjusts for any body and comes fully assembled. No fiddling with nuts, bolts and allen wrenches required.

Designed “for modern life and work,” the desk aims to make you more productive while simultaneously maximizing space. Not only does it take mere seconds to unfold and raise into position, its surface can be flipped from landscape mode to portrait mode and set on an incline for the most comfortable angle for whatever you’re working on.

This feature is especially valuable for artists who like to have their work surface higher and at a steeper angle. In ‘Easel’ position, the Edge is like a portable drafting table. It’s named for the groove that runs along the perimeter so you can snap in a range of accessories including a cup and holder, pencil tray, phone charger, LED light, speakers, tablet stand, document stand and a shallow bin for trash or small object storage. All of these accessories are available as add-ons and stow out of the way  when you don’t need them.

The ergonomic kneeling seat essentially balances your weight between your bottom and your knees so you remain sitting upright, a handy feature for those of us who find ourselves unconsciously slumping while we’re hard at work. This can help reduce back, neck and shoulder pain.

Says creator Marc, “About a year ago I had an epiphany about how to create a desk that was comfortable and could fold away under 6” thick when not in use – and this might be just the thing that young professionals need. So I got together with some old friends and mocked up a prototype. When I started showing the prototype to family and friends, I realized something: the desks we’ve been using all our lives are dinosaurs, designed for writing leisurely longhand letters and containing the pens and paper you needed for that archaic activity. Today, everyone I spoke with (and it’s been hundreds of people by now) told me they did most of their work on their bed or couch, using their laptop (or phone, or tablet) because their old desk was so uncomfortable or cluttered.”

“That’s when it hit me: this desk was meant for the way we work today. Not only does it fix the ergonomic problems we create for ourselves when we work on beds and couches – the integrated kneeling chair keeps you focused on the work surface, which is sized just right for a laptop.”

The desk folds flat enough to slide under a bed or take with you in the car, with the legs at either end offering a convenient carrying handle. Pre-orders are currently open through the Edge Desk Kickstarter campaign.