bubble blowing lamp

We’ve always been a little fascinated by those toys that blow a constant stream of bubbles for the amusement of kids and pets. It turns out there’s a grown-up version of that: the Surface Tension Lamp designed by Front Design for Booo.

surface tension bubble blowing lamp

The lamp makes its own shade over and over by blowing a soap bubble around the enclosed LED. The bubble grows larger and larger until it disconnects and pops, at which point the lamp begins making a new one.

front design surface tension bubble lamp

Because the bubbles catch and reflect the light in ever-changing colors and patterns, the lamp’s appearance is constantly shifting. No two bubbles are exactly alike, so it stands to reason that you could easily waste hours just watching the lamp blow one after another.

As cool as the pictures of this bubble-blowing lamp are, the video is absolutely mesmerizing. If you have the €10,000 (just over $12,500 US) to buy one, you should make sure to put it over a sink or other vessel to soak up the inevitable slippery bubble soap mess.