Humans tend to cut through obstacles in order to build what we want, where we want it. But this lovely home in Poland was built by Jakub Szczęsny of Centrala Designers Task Force specifically to leave the existing surrounding trees intact and unharmed.

house built around trees

podkowa house

The clients purchased a parcel of land in Podkowa Leśna, an area with strict planning regulations. These regulations state that the surrounding trees must be left untouched to the greatest extent possible. 

podkowa house model

floor plan

In order to comply with these rules, the architect used a design based on the Voronoi formula, which triangulates the maximum amount of space between predetermined points – in this case, the trees. The resulting floor plan moves its way within and through the trees.

polish house in the woods

polish house among trees

The home’s ground floor is raised an average of one meter off of the ground to allow the trees’ roots room to grow over the years. A garage and inclined parking pad were some of the most difficult aspects to work into the wooded area due to the space constraints.

open living area

podkowa house interior

On the ground level, the home is divided into separate zones for daytime – living, dining, entrance, and kitchen – and nighttime – bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets.

glassed in trees

interior podkowa house

Several glass enclosures on the home’s ground level allow for trees to grow up through the middle of the structure itself. Large windows and skylights let in natural light and visually connect the home with its surroundings and other zones of the building.

podkowa house in the woods

The beautifully nature-rich home also includes a “hidden” cellar that houses a play room for the children, a wine cellar, a sauna, and a pantry. Although plenty of local officials claimed that it would be impossible to build a home on the site, this talented architectural team figured out a way to turn this gorgeous place into a cozy home that has minimal impact on the surrounding woods.