minimal steel table
Precariously minimalist at first glance, one has to wonder if the stress of waiting for this furniture to fall over will balance out the pristine simplicity of its one-curve, single-material design.
single piece steel table
For those left doubting the Poised Table, its creator Paul Cocksedge shows first-hand that this thousand-pound rolled-steel wonder can hold up his own weight, despite so little of its once-rectangular surface contacting the ground.
single rolled metal table
A limited-edition set, this is one of ten total that will be made – ten thousand pounds worth of tables in all.
singular giant lamp design

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And if you are now left wondering what kind of desk lamp could possibly hope to compete with such an amazing surface, wonder no more – this dome light (also limited to a ten-piece edition and on display at Friedman Benda) should do just fine.