Some carpets span wall to wall, other area rugs are cut to fit particular spaces. This highly-custom carpeting, however, has to be the most useless creation ever from a functional standpoint. Fortunately, it is strangely hilarious as a semi-subversive take on one of the most conventional home materials around the world (and a luxury version no less).

Carefully trimmed to follow the edges of each room and to avoid providing support for chairs and other furnishings, this ornate carpet has a lovely embossed pattern and rich red-and-gold coloring … but does nothing that a normal carpet would do. Moreover, it would likely cost more and take longer to install than actually useful flooring options.

In a way, it is as much a commentary (by artist Maise Broadhead) on art as it is on home decorating – if one defines ‘art’ as objects of decor and food for thought without obvious functionality. Just like the honorary red carpet, rolling this out is only for show.