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Lamps and chairs share some things in common, and are often used together. This particular idea was built around the notion of sitting and reading alone or to someone else – pulling up a chair next to a child’s bed, for example, each evening but being able to set the requisite furniture aside during the day.

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poet chair white goethe

Titled The Poets, this white-and-green pair are made up of elements that would look ordinary as constituent parts – a simple curved-shade floor lamp and linear folding chair. Together, though, they form a ‘lefty’ and ‘righty’ set with slightly different shapes and shades.

poet chairs leaning

A simple cord stretches from the bottom of one of the legs to plug this hybrid furnishing in for power, but snakes up inside the frame to keep the upper portions free of clutter and tangles.

poets chairs

An angular slice is made in the circular shade above, cut to let the top of the light portion rest comfortably on its side against a vertical surface. While it would not be as closet-friendly as a conventional folding chair, it is easy to set aside inside of a room.

The designers even describe the project using poetry:

“Emerged from the idea of really taking time to read
your children a bedtime story.
A foldable chair with the perfect reading light,
no matter the environment.
Done reading? just store it against the wall,
and you’ll have some extra light.

W. Blake is the green chair with the light on the right side,
just like the right handed poet William Blake.
The white chair is called J.W. Goethe with the light on the left side,
just like the left handed poet.”

About the firm:

“At Nieuwe Heren we design products that are more than just aesthetics. We hold the belief there are enough meaningless products already. That is why we’re aiming for timeless designs with a focus on durability. For this reason we prefer materials like steel,concrete and wood (and because they’re just badass) We think a clear story behind a product contributes to the sustainability as well.”