After a few years of quarantine and canceled vacations, people across the globe are ready to get out. According to data from the Tourism Barometer report, international travel more than tripled in the first half of 2022 compared to the year before — and the appetite for new global sights seems to be just as big headed into 2023.

One of the biggest concerns about traveling to a foreign country is not being able to understand the language. For those desiring to explore the world but nervous about trying to get directions or order food on their trip, digital translation company Timekettle has just the gadget for you. The company’s handheld Fluentalk T1 can instantly convert spoken words from one language into another, potentially eliminating the main barrier to international trips.

Over 40 Languages

The Fluentalk T1 can translate over 40 languages and 93 different accents with up to 95 percent accuracy. In places where you can’t connect to the internet, the device can still translate 13 language pairs in offline mode.

Ask for Directions Without a Guidebook

There is a specific mode on the Fluentalk T1 for asking for directions, one of the most common needs as a tourist. Users simply have to double click the power button to start a conversation with someone on the street.

Chat Translation

For longer exchanges, users can turn on chat mode and place the Fluentalk T1 in between them to have their dialogue translated in real time via advanced streaming automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology and a global internet connection. A built-in microphone array uses noise reduction algorithms to distinguish between human voices and ambient sounds, providing a clear audio experience for every member of the conversation.

Listen Mode

The Fluentalk T1 also features a listen mode that can continuously translate the speech around the user into their own language. This could be helpful while sitting in a meeting or dinner to be able to understand all the surrounding chatter.

Image/Photo Translation

Not only can it translate spoken words, but Timekettle’s handy machine can also decipher street signage and menus. With its 8-megapixel camera and optical character recognition (OCR) offline translation engine, the Fluentalk T1 can instantly translate images in 36 languages.

Voice Memos

The Fluentalk T1 also comes with a voice memo mode for making travel or business notes. You can even make a quick audio file for later translation if you’re in a hurry.

Cellular Data

For the first two years, the company offers free mobile data around the world. After that users can either purchase more data from Timekettle or insert their own mobile phone SIM card. They can also use a local Wi-Fi connection if available.

World Clock and Currency Exchange Rates

These two bonus features make it easier to keep track of local time and current money exchange rates in whatever country you’re visiting.

Pocket-Sized Portability

Smaller than the typical smartphone, the Fluentalk T1 is designed to be extremely portable. About the size of a credit card and weighing only a quarter of a pound, it can easily be slipped into a pocket or purse.

For those interested in a more comprehendible travel experience, the Fluentalk T1 is available for $299.99 on the company website.