Like little landscapes, thick pile in carpeting produces valleys and hills that are intentionally soft underfoot. There’s something so pleasing about stepping on a rug like this, feeling its topography on your skin. But at the same time, it’s so sculptural, you almost don’t want to step on it.

Deep colors in this striking series of land-inspired rugs match the implied depths and natural resemblances – mountainous browns and cloud grays as well as rich icy blues and purples. It’s all evocative, exciting and interesting, at least compared to standard carpeting and rugs. There’s nothing else quite like it on the market, especially not commercially available.

From Stepevi, these remarkable rugs are titled “Terra” and made from a combination of wool and polyester. And while they are placed in rather traditionally luxurious settings here, they seem like a good idea for even more minimalist and industrial loft spaces in need of some texture and color.

Here’s what STEPEVI has to say about the series:

“The idea of creating a 3D rug and advancing this invention to depict the abstract forms on earth is driven by a simple challenge: “The world is not flat… Why should a rug be!” Honoring the leading expertise of STEPEVI, Terra has notably complex color compositions to elevate the multi-layered earth illustrations.”

“These expressive Terra rugs are manufactured with the cutting-edge STEPEVI quality; Deep, which lavishly enables numerous angles and curves on the surface of each rug, while fascinating the user with a real 3D experience.”

“STEPEVI Terra rugs can be customized to any size and/or shape, in 6 different color compositions available, within 4 weeks. You may want to customize the color of your Terra, beyond the recommended color compositions available. If so, you will need to make a selection of 3 different colors,* among 75 color choices available, from“Touch Me” Color Chart.”