swimming fish up in the air table

When you absolutely have to sit in a room and wait for an appointment – or anything, really – it’s always more pleasant to watch fish peacefully gliding around in their watery homes. This feeling of serenity of fish inspired the “Up in the Air” table series by designers Ramón Úbeda and Otto Canalda for furniture company Viccarbe.

up in the air fish tables

The tables look like plain white cylinders from the side. They are tall, statuesque and quite striking on their own, but when you get closer the lovely goldfish in the tables’ tops become visible. The fish are actually hand-crafted and sealed in an environmentally-friendly resin.

playful up in the air resin goldfish tables

At once sophisticated and playful, these tall tables add an attractive minimalist element to a room. The unexpected addition of the incredibly life-like goldfish lends an almost child-like sunniness to the tables’ otherwise quite grown-up look.