Disney Store headquarters overview

Once a gigantic warehouse, this vast interior is now home to the headquarters of the Disney Store designed by Clive Wilkinson. Perhaps the most playful and interactive part of the design is the meeting space shown above. Inspired by toy building blocks as well as the exterior brick of the building, the walls can be deconstructed and turned into seating.

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Disney Store headquarters entrance
Disney Store headquarters honeycomb shelving

This divider-and-storage honeycomb wall forms a visual barrier, space-shaping wall and essential enclosure for a second and smaller conference area. Like the first, this space is largely open to the vast spaces of the rest of the complex – visible to workers in the high-ceiling office areas above.

Disney Store headquarters mickey mouse

More info from Clive Wilkinson Architects

“The Disney Store headquarters was a conversion of the historic Royal Laundry Building for The Children’s Place, to create na open and collaborative work environment for 230 employees. Clive Wilkinson Architects, in collaboration with workplace strategists DEGW, created an organizational plan which was articulated with colorful modular systems that became both architecture and furniture.”

Disney Store headquarters foam block wall
Disney Store headquarters foam block chairs

“The existing brick-walled structure inspired the creation of brick-like elements for the interior, which allude to the playful building block habits of children. A 20-person ‘Block Conference Room’ is formed on two sides by foam block walls. When the foam modules are disassembled, they become the seating system for 200-person company meetings. A modular honeycomb structure, conceived as a flexible means of managing Disney sample product display, forms a second conference room. The firm’s Honeycomb system was subsequently licensed to the Belgian company, Quinze & Milan, for a commercial market offering.”

Disney Store headquarters bubble chairs
Disney Store headquarters from above

About Clive Wilkinson Architects

“Clive Wilkinson Architects is a distinguished architecture and design practice that collaborates with progressive clients in envisioning and designing new environments that support, enhance and reinvigorate contemporary life. We think of any organization as a distinctive ‘human community.’ Through our design process, we strive to connect people, shape relationships and empower organizations to produce new and invigorating forms of human community. We have acquired a wealth of experience for the enrichment of future projects through working together with some of the world’s most creative companies and institutions over the course of thirty years.”