Deltaflore Modular Green Wall Tiles 1

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Design a vertical garden that looks like a work of abstract art in any size, ranging from an accent piece to an entire wall, with plantable modular concrete tiles. The Deltaflore system by French designer Benjamin Pawlica is designed to expand for ultimate versatility. These triangular tiles marry horticulture and art and can be used indoors or out.

Deltaflore Modular Green Tiles 2

Deltaflore Modular Green Wall Tiles 4

Different looks can be achieved depending on the types of plants chosen, from simple, minimalist moss to trailing ferns and vines. The tiles could make up an entire exterior facade of a building, form a towering green wall indoors or be used as decor just like a painting.

Deltaflore Modular Green Wall Tiles 3

The design of the tiles is visually dynamic enough for the wall to offer aesthetic value even before it’s filled in with plants. They can also be used to create free-standing walls rather than hung on an existing wall.