True simplicity in physical form, this designed and built by Jonathan Niemuth table requires no plans, drawings or dimensional decisions. A trip to the local hardware store for a few wrenches and a rectangular sheet of solid glass and the furniture piece is finished.

A pair of pipe wrenches forms an industrial-style ‘X’ shape on either side, providing four primary points of contact both for the surface supported above and the floor below.

Cross-stabilization works via two longer wrenches (tucked nicely out of the way in the center) that lock each ‘X’ into place, dealing with lateral loads in a likewise efficient manner.

One could imagine a series of simple do-it-yourself variants on this project, too, giving it possibilities as a desk or other work surface if six long wrenches were used instead (and a solid top replaced the coffee-table glass).

Storage and transportation? Save for the glass sheet this would be easy as well, of course, since you simply unscrew the wrenches from one another and toss them in the corner of your garage or workshop – no one would ever even know they were table legs! It looks a little out of place in an ordinary living room, but would work great for an industrial loft or similarly-styled space.