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Feel like a diabolical villain pulling a wall-mounted lever – not to set off some explosive chain of events, but to make yourself a dainty little cup of espresso. The sleek copper and birch Streitman ES3 Espresso Machine uses a rarely-seen Italian technique developed in the 1950s to produce the perfect brew.

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Midcentury Modern Lever Espresso 3

Pulling the lever forces hot water through the ground coffee with a piston, resulting in a single creamy cup of espresso. A dual-spout is available for multiple cups. The open boiler holds up to 12 ounces of water, and the machine also comes with three filter baskets, a custom tamper and an anti-dust lid.

Midcentury Modern Lever Espresso 4

The manual action enables the user to be a more active part in the espresso-making process, giving you more control over the end result. The ES3 is handmade in the Netherlands, produced in small batches. That level of quality definitely comes at a price, with the unit retailing for $1,700.