Ping pong or table tennis is a well-loved game all over the world. But once you’ve mastered the back-and-forth volleying, what else is there to learn? Artist Laurent Perbos created some interesting new scenarios with an art installation that rethinks the entire game.

Each table is a significant departure from the typical flat plane used for the game of ping pong. One features a 90-degree bend directly in the middle, while another incorporates severe curves and a basketball hoop.

Every unusual treatment of the traditional ping pong table calls into question the connection in our minds between form and function. We expect an object to look a certain way, but we are still able to recognize it even when its shape is changed and its primary function becomes impossible.

Although playing on these unique tables certainly looks possible, it doesn’t seem that the artist means them as serious redesigns of the regulation table. Rather, they are meant as whimsical objects that can make a fun game seem entirely new.