ping pong coffee table

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Whether you’re waiting in a doctor’s office or watching TV at home, a coffee table is likely to be nearby. But what, other than maybe holding your cup and collecting clutter, has your coffee table done for you lately?

chalkboard storage ping pong coffee table

The Ping Pong Table from Huzi Design is a fun redesign of the classic and ubiquitous piece of furniture. Rather than just sitting there, the table gives you a surface on which to play a game, draw, and write notes.

ping pong table coffee table

The table comes with two paddles – one sporting a mustache and the other a pair of red lips. They (and whatever other accessories you find important) fit into a generous storage space under the table’s surface.

ping pong chalkboard storage coffee table

The table’s surface is covered in a chalkboard material so you can play tic-tac-toe between cups of cocoa or leave notes for housemates.

coffee table ping pong

A removable ping-pong net is the table’s defining feature. It’s nowhere near regulation size (or even regulation proportions) so ping-pong purists might find themselves a bit annoyed at the game play. But for playing around on a rainy day or just filling a bit of time before your next appointment, the adorable $500 table isn’t short on fun.