aviator's villa

Architecture and aviation may not seem to have much in common, but this home designed for a pilot proves that they have plenty of shared characteristics. Careful design, attention to detail, and a dreamy airy design make the Aviator’s Villa – designed by Urban Office Architecture – look like it exists in the clouds.

airy aviator's villa

stairs entrance aviator's villa

The one-bedroom house in New York state was fashioned after a disassembled airplane fuselage. The home has three main areas: a 30 foot tall area housing the living area and kitchen/dining area; a large library, and a large cantilevered bedroom at the very top. The home is open to the surrounding vista on three sides, allowing a sense of freedom and airiness. The three areas of the home are connected via a grand circular staircase which houses various hidden spaces.

aviator's villa library

interior aviator's villa

bedroom aviator's villa

Sitting at the top of a hill, the home is further elevated by a series of columns. The home’s swimming pool and nearby lake reflect the sky above, giving the feeling of living in the sky no matter which way you look. Many of the windows are covered with perforated metal screens which give the effect of floating clouds when the sun shines through.

view aviator's villa

The home’s interior maximizes the connection to the sky with its expansive tall volumes, huge windows, and its overall fantastic height. It is a monument not only to aviation but to the feeling of freedom that one experiences while racing through the clouds.