capsule reading lamp solar powered

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Reading before bed is one of the simple pleasures of life. Waking up a few hours later to realize you’ve left your very bright bedside lamp on and gotten a terrible night’s sleep because of it isn’t such a pleasure. The Capsule Lamp by designer Teng Shao lets you have your books and sleep well, too.

capsule lamp solar light

In its closed position, you might not even recognize this object as a lamp. But when you pull up a bit on the top, a light source is revealed. There are no cords or switches; the lamp features internal solar panels that charge the lamp during daylight hours.

adjustable solar reading lamp

The Capsule Lamp has two modes: reading mode, in which the fixture provides constant, steady light, and damping mode, which is ideal for bedtime readers. In damping mode the cover slowly moves down until it is in the “off” position. Twisting the shade can speed up or slow down the rate at which the cover lowers. The concept is far more appealing than, say, plugging your regular bedside lamp into an outlet timer.